Welcome to the website of the Management des Métiers de l’Image (MMI)/Audiovisual Professions Management Major at Sciences Po Lille.

In partnership with the Series Mania Institute.

Course objective

The Management des Métiers de l’Image (MMI)/Audiovisual Professions Management Major, in partnership with Series Mania Institute, aims to train tomorrow’s high-level executives and audiovisual entrepreneurs. To achieve this, the course aims to provide them with all the tools they need to understand the current challenges facing the audiovisual industry, while at the same time making them more professional, thanks in particular to a second year of work-based study, so that students are ready to work immediately after graduation.

Main career opportunities

The MMI major educates students for various audiovisual professions both in France and internationally, encompassing fields such as digital (platforms, streaming or digital distribution), television, and cinema.

Upon completion of their studies, students can pursue various roles, including:

  • Production manager; producer
  • Literary director; development manager
  • Program advisor
  • Distributor
  • Artist agent
  • Production administrator

MMI prepares students for a wide range of multi-skilled jobs in different sectors of the audiovisual industry, and can count on a solid and growing network of partners and alumni.

Head of the MMI major

Léa-Jeanne Boehringer


Areas of expertise: Scriptwriting; Audiovisual production

Editorial by the head of the major

As the audiovisual sector is constantly evolving, Sciences Po Lille had to be able to support it by developing a course that is in direct contact with the sector and its players. A course in direct contact with the sector and its players. That is why we worked on the creation of the Master’s in Audiovisual Professions Management, in partnership with the Series Mania Institute.

Joining MMI means taking a course taught by research professors from Sciences Po Lille, who contribute to the sociological and economic reflection on contemporary issues in the image and sound professions, and by professionals such as producers, broadcasters and audiovisual financiers, thanks in particular to the partnership with the Series Mania Institute. This hybrid team of instructors ensures that MMI students are well prepared for their sandwich year in M2, as well as for their future professional integration, whether they choose to specialise in film, documentary, animation, television or podcasting.

Gathered in a selective class, MMI students study around numerous practical cases and group work designed to put them in real-life situations but also to encourage their spirit of initiative and responsibility. Every year, the students also take part in the Series Mania festival and professional forum.

To support its international outlook, the MMI Major has also been designed as a bilingual programme, with almost half of the course taught in English, enabling students to develop and apply the appropriate professional vocabulary.

Finally, joining the MMI major also means joining Sciences Po Lille’s Grande Ecole programme, with individualised monitoring of students and their learning, thanks in particular to dedicated professional tutors. With this support, MMI students will be able to refine their career plans throughout their course.

Léa-Jeanne Boehringer